Thaís Passos


Thaís Passos is an English and Spanish to Portuguese translator specializing in agriculture and veterinary medicine.

She was born and raised in Brazil, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine. She has 11 years of experience working in the Brazilian agribusiness sector, with a solid background in dairy production, and a extensive experience delivering training to agricultural workers.

In 2007 she moved to the US to study at the UW-Madison, where she earned a Master of Science in Agroecology. She did research on how changing dairy cows diets affects the environmental impacts of milk production in WI.

Thaís also holds a Master of Arts from UW in Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies, with a focus on translation. She enjoys introducing others to her language and culture through teaching and translation.

Where are they Now?

Medical Interpreter at AMN Healthcare and Brazilian Portuguese Translator, Instructor and Interpreter.