Opportunities at GLUE

New opening for PhD candidate or post-doctoral scientist position with expertise in carbon cycling, ecosystem modeling, or agricultural land use to study soil carbon fluxes and climate mitigation opportunities associated with U.S. grasslands, croplands, and the USDA Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). For info and directions to apply click HERE.

Thanks for investigating opportunities in GLUE! We often have funded graduate student and post-doc positions available.

The following geographies and topics are the best fit for funded opportunities:

  • Brazil: Cattle, soy, land use and supply chain dynamics as connected to deforestation and corporate sustainability.
  • US: Agricultural land use; modeling of ecosystem impacts, water quality, endangered species; or re-purposing lawns to grow food and habitat
  • Colombia and Peru: Oil palm, coffee, or cattle production and supply chain dynamics, including impacts on deforestation and biodiversity
  • Global: land and carbon mapping and assessments

In general,we seek candidates with the following categories of skills:

  • Quantitative: econometrics, statistics, data science tools, remote sensing, GIS, ecosystem modeling
  • Qualitative: field survey skills, policy analysis
  • Communication: experience writing journal publications and policy briefs for general audiences; presenting and collaborating with companies, policymakers, and NGOs
  • Other: expert on the country of interest, fluency in Spanish (Peru and Colombia work) or Portuguese (Brazil work)

To apply to GLUE, please send your CV, statement of research interests, and ideally a writing sample to Holly Gibbs (hkgibbs@wisc.edu). We will reply to all graduate student candidates sometime in November.

Please refer to the Nelson Institute. and Geography for how to apply to those degree programs.