Stephanie Herbst


Stephanie Herbst is a Master’s of Science Candidate in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies’ Environment and Resources program. She joined the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment working under the direction of Dr. Holly Gibbs in 2016. Her research focuses on state and regional limitations to water availability for irrigated and rain fed cropland expansion across the U.S.

Stephanie joins the Gibbs lab with a B.S. from the University of Minnesota in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management where she was actively engaged in soil and water quality analytical research. She spent a year working as the Water Resources Technician (Annual) for Capitol Region Watershed District in St. Paul, MN where she monitored and reported water quality within an urban watershed. After completing her annual contract, she pursued her life-long goal of traveling abroad with aims to strengthen her international experience. Between 2014 and 2016, Stephanie lived in Sydney and Perth, Australia; and Auckland, New Zealand working for businesses under temporary administrative contracts. Working for these companies has rejuvenated her passion for environmental management, and she is excited to focus on the intersection of science, business, and government policy during her graduate career.

During her free time, Stephanie enjoys dancing ballet and practicing yoga. She also loves to enjoy the sounds of nature on a good park bench or nature walk.

Where are they Now?

Water Resources Management Project Member for Wisconsin DNR.