Rudy Omri


Rudy is currently an undergraduate junior in the Department of Geography. Born and raised in the tropical country of Malaysia, he moved to Wisconsin in the fall 2011 to complete a B.S. degree in cartography/geographic information systems and people-environment geography, as well as a certificate in environmental studies at the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies. Passionate with maps since he was three years old, Rudy has been doing a lot of cartography work – ranging from class projects to a professor-student research program managed by UW-Madison’s College of Letters and Science.

His cartographic interest is centered on thematic mapping: maps designed to portray a particular theme connected with a specific geographic area. Using his cartographic skills, his role in GLUE Lab is to map trade flows of major agricultural commodities and tracking embodied ecosystem services. At this time, he is working on mapping cattle and soy supply chains in the Brazilian Amazon. His current project is focusing on distributive flow maps; displaying the movement of commodity exports from one location to another (particularly from the Amazon, to the bigger scale i.e. the world). Rudy finds working in this lab as a great opportunity to combine both of his main interests – people and environment interaction as well as cartography/ GIS.

Other than geography, Rudy also has deep enthusiasm in live concerts, folk rock music, winter weather and food.

Where are they Now?

Customer Success Manager of Satellite Imagery Solutions, APAC at Planet.