Meghan Salmon will be joining the Gibbs Land Use and Environment Lab as a postdoctoral fellow in January 2013. She is currently completing her doctorate in Geography at Boston University, where she is improving global information regarding crop management and irrigation water use. By synthesizing remote sensing data with physical models and in-situ data sets in her dissertation research, she generated new global data sets of irrigation locations and crop calendars, and also examined the influence of crop management practices on water supply in Asia.

At SAGE, Meghan looks forward to tackling critical uncertainties in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard’s estimates of indirect land use change by mapping ongoing and potential land‐use transitions. Specifically, she will integrate detailed satellite and ground‐based information to create the first global database of the types of land converted to new croplands and pasture, 2000-2010. She will also work to create a refined map of the global land reserve, or areas of unused, unforested land with potential for agricultural production.

When not engaged in research, Meghan is likely to be climbing rocks, practicing yoga, cooking, or caring for her many plants and pets.

Where are they Now?

Assistant Professor of Climate Science at Northland College.