Marin Elisabeth Skidmore


Marin Skidmore is a post-doctoral research associate in the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She received her PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics in 2020, supervised by Dr. Jeremy Foltz and Dr. Holly Gibbs. Her dissertation, “Agriculture, environmental policy, and climate: Essays on cattle ranching in the Brazilian Amazon,” combined economic theory, econometrics, and field knowledge. As a post-doc, she will continue to study how market-based and public policies can improve environmental outcomes as well as the well-being of farmers.

Marin joined Gibbs lab as a graduate student in Summer 2017. During her PhD, Marin received a Fulbright scholarship to research smallholder cattle ranching in Rondônia, Brazil. During her fieldwork, she worked with the Connections between Water and Rural Production project led by Dr. Katrina Mullan. Marin received a Bachelor’s in Economics and Statistics and a Master’s in Agricultural and Applied Economics, both from the University of Illinois. She worked with Dr. Kathy Baylis and Dr. Mary Arends-Kuenning on projects on post-harvest loss in India and Brazil during her Master’s.