Malena Candino

Science Communications Research Specialist

Malena joined the GLUE lab in January 2023, with a MS in Wildlife conservation from UW-Madison and a BS in Zoology from the University of La Plata, Argentina, where she’s originally from. Prior to joining GLUE, Malena worked as a Lab Manager, Teaching Assistant and Co-Lecturer at UW-Madison, while researching ungulate migrations and habitat use in Patagonia, in collaboration with an Argentinian NGO, Rewilding Argentina.

As part of the GLUE lab, Malena is helping with both scientific and outreach communication, while also being involved in research regarding environmental and biodiversity impacts of the cattle industry in the Amazon. When she is not working, Malena spends her time backpacking, camping, and all things outdoors, when she isn’t reading or trying out new crafty hobbies. She also enjoys going on trips, either to explore new places, or to go back home and visit her family.