Jens Engelmann


Jens is a Ph.D. student in the department of Applied and Agricultural Economics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison where Professor Jennifer Alix-Garcia is his primary adviser. He joined the Gibbs lab in the summer of 2016. Before starting his Ph.D., he received an undergraduate and Master’s degree from the University of Florida in Food and Resource Economics. Subsequently, he worked at the Center for Global Development. There, he investigated together with Dr. Jonah Busch how much future tropical deforestation will take place from 2016 to 2050, and if and by how much universally applied carbon prices and anti-deforestation policies can avoid future emissions from deforestation. Additionally, he also contributed to a broader Center for Global Development initiative which investigated if performance-based financing mechanisms can safeguard forests and the benefits they provide both to the global climate and local populations.

Where are they Now?

Senior Quantitative Risk Analyst at USAA.