Jamie Touhill


Jamie began working for the Gibbs Lab in the fall of 2014, while a student in UW-Madison’s Graduate Certificate Program in GIS. Prior to moving to Wisconsin, Jamie studied geography at Rhode Island College (B.A.) and at the University of Vermont (M.A.), and then worked for 11 years for the State of Maine’s Office of GIS, where he mapped roads as part of the statewide E9-1-1 Addressing and Maintenance Project. The work that he did for Professor Gibbs consisted mainly of geo-referencing and digitizing palm-oil plantations from PDF maps into a GIS database. After completing his coursework at UW-Madison, Jamie continued to work part-time on the palm-oil mapping project into 2018, while also working full-time for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, as a GIS and Real Estate Specialist, within the Bureau of Facilities and Lands. In his spare time, Jamie enjoys live music, bike riding, and traveling whenever possible.

Where are they Now?

Researcher for Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment at UW Madison.