Dr. Elizabeth Johnson


Elizabeth is the Director of Brazil Research for Trusted Sources and specializes in agribusiness issues down the value chain (including inputs, credit and farming machinery), Brazil’s expanding consumer sector, strategic infrastructure as well as policy topics. Her key areas of focus include how the new administration will work to reduce Brazil’s massive logistical bottlenecks as well as the changing political climate for Brazilian agricultural exports, especially for meat and biofuels. Before joining Trusted Sources in 2006, Elizabeth covered commodities (oilseeds/ grains/ sugar/ ethanol), private equity, petrochemicals and other sectors for a number of news publications including the Financial Times and Dow Jones Newswires. She is based in São Paulo and has lived in Brazil for more than 25 years. She holds a PhD from John Hopkins University.

Elizabeth will be visiting the Department of Geography and GLUE in Fall 2012 to expand collaborations and participate in the “Emerging Market Impacts on Global Agriculture” graduate seminar.

Where are they Now?

Managing Director of Brazil Research at TS Lombard.