Delaney Gobster

Graduate Student

Delaney is a graduate student in the Agroecology program at UW- Madison. Her research interests broadly revolve around how regionally reliant food systems can decrease food waste, while supporting food security and sovereignty work. Specifically, Delaney focuses on how revitalizing regional midscale value-added processing landscapes can decrease food waste throughout the food supply chain. She is also interested in how increasing food processing opportunities for small and mid-sized farms can financially benefit these producers.

Before joining the Gibbs Lab in Fall 2020, Delaney studied both Environmental Science and Agronomy (B.S.) at UW- Madison. Outside of her research she can occasionally be found working on farms and gardens around Madison, or even cooking at one of your favorite restaurants. Linking her research and personal interests, Delaney enjoys learning about food preservation techniques and creative ways to upcycle potentially wasted produce.