Beichen Tian


Beichen joined the Gibbs Land Use and Environment (GLUE) Lab in September 2017 as a GIS Analyst working on land use change analysis (agricultural land focused) within the conterminous U.S. Prior to coming to the GLUE lab, Beichen obtained his Master of Science degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a capstone certificate in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems in May 2016 and August 2017 respectively. His major research interests include but are not limited to: habitat suitability modeling, land use change detection and spatial statistics, Python-based geoprocessing automation, cyber GIS applications in epidemiology, interactive web map development (UI focused), etc. Recently, his personal research interests started to pay close attention to the relationships between marginal cropland expansions and the potential spread of infectious diseases. During his spare time, Beichen likes to cook sushi, poke, and Chinese food, jog along the lakes, and hang out with friends.

Beichen’s online portfolio can be viewed at

Where are they Now?

Lecturer at Beijing Insitute of Technology Business School.