Aline Carrara


Aline started her PhD program in Summer 2013 when she lead a field campaign assessing the impacts of emerging land use policies on cattle production in the Brazilian Amazon. She is a Brazilian scientist with broad experience in the Amazon and Pantanal regions, as well as all the other pan-Amazonian countries. She has worked for many years managing and designing projects regarding social and environmental development linked to non-wood products, agro forestry and agriculture values chains such as palm oil and cattle ranching. Her experiences ranges from field work with local communities to corporate social responsibility and market behavior. Aline frequently connects with stakeholders throughout the agricultural value chain to help use market forces to reduce the impacts of these sectors on forests and traditional livelihoods.

While in Madison, she will continue her leadership roles in Brazil focused on developing mechanisms to adjust production systems and methodologies for assessing and monitoring the deforestation and degradation to generate more knowledge about traditional farming systems as well as new technologies to improve their efficiency. Aline is also interested in analyzing the outcomes of recent public and private policies and change in agricultural sector behavior and its environmental and social impacts, as well as its influence in land use change. She aims to more actively participate in the transnational efforts and its relationship with the international agenda of investments and public policy formulation in regards to sustainable agriculture.

Where are they Now?

Lecturer, Researcher at the University of Florida.